Equal Opportunity Employer

Vaughn Industries is an equal opportunity employer. We value the diverse backgrounds and experiences that all our employees offer, and we encourage the knowledge and skills that each person brings to our team. Vaughn Industries is committed to equal employment opportunities. We believe that both applicants and employees should be treated fairly, based on performing the essential functions of the job, and regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, veteran/military status, sex, age, or disability. We understand how important it is to provide a comfortable working environment, and therefore, we treat each employee as an individual and encourage their maximum development.

Each individual is essential to the success and growth of Vaughn Industries. We pay tribute to this unmistakable truth every day, and it is visible the very moment one enters the complex. Across the employee entrance door are these words:

“Through These Doors Walk the Finest Craftsmen in the Land”

So you ask yourself, “How can I become a member of the VTeam-60X31?”

To inquire about current openings, you may contact our employment line anytime at 419-396-9100. For more information about our apprenticeship programs, call 419-396-9136.