Equal Opportunity Employer

Vaughn Industries is an equal opportunity employer. Vaughn Industries values the diverse backgrounds, experiences, knowledge, and skills of all employees.

Our Workforce

Management is committed to having a diverse, well trained workforce in all aspects of our business to assure quality workmanship in everything we do.  This is obtained through our commitment to employee development. All Supervisors are trained so supervisory skills are enhanced. This training is ongoing and includes all Managers, Field Superintendents, Foreman, and Crew Leaders.

Journeyman are employed in all trades of our business. Training and qualifications of most Journeyman are through apprenticeship programs within their trade.  This training is completed through our federally and state registered program or another program through an outside source.  Journeyman may also have their skills assessed though a qualification process. Leadership skills of select Journeyman are developed through Leadership training.

Apprentices are employed and registered through our federally and Ohio state  Apprenticeship Programs. Our programs include Electrical, High Voltage Line Erector, Pipe Fitter, Mechanical (Sheet Metal), and Substation Electrician.

Employee Development

Vaughn employees are trained in all aspects of safety. Craftsman are OSHA 30 hr certified.  We also assure that employees receive specialized safety training within their trade such as NFPA 70E, OSHA 1910.269, confined space entry, and First Aid, CPR and Blood Borne Pathogens training.

Vaughn has several trade state license holders in Ohio, as well as Kentucky and West Virginia. We  maintain qualified tradesmen on staff for Fire Alarm, RCDD, Back-flow, Mine Safety, Health Administration, Welding/Brazing, DOT Gas Fusion, NITC-Med Gas.

Vaughn sponsors equipment certification training, where employees learn safety responsibilities relevant to the equipment as well as field maintenance and operation.

GREEN Technologies

Vaughn Industries was given the opportunity to be the first construction company to train employees in PV Solar Technologies. This new program was developed through a joint program, preparing the construction industries for new opportunities that focus on LEED and GREEN technologies.

Substance-Free, Drug-Free Workplace

Vaughn Industries believes in having a work environment that is free from the negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse. To ensure this, we have adopted a Substance-Free, Drug-Free Workplace Policy.   Vaughn Industries is a State of Ohio contractor who remains compliant and active to the Drug-Free Workplace Safety program.