“At Vaughn Industries, the health & safety of every employee does come first. It’s not just a job, it’s a career without limits. VI offers a phenomenal amount of training, whether it’s just to better your current skills, obtain new skills, or become cross-trained.”

Shane Hartley, Mechanical Foreman

“I have an exciting career with a company that pays great, cares about you, and makes safety a top priority.”

Jay Kitzler, Project Manager

“Enjoy working with a company where safety is not just a responsibilty of the individual but each other.”

Chris Saunders, Journeyman Electrician

“I am very pleased with the way Vaughn Industries have on boarded me. So far the job and task have matched my expectations. I am learning a lot about HVAC and how it all works and how everything flows and installing. Everyone on the job has been a big help.”

Tracy Essary, Journeyman Pipefitter

“I appreciate being a part of a great team that is driving the industries we associate with and having the opportunity to make an impact for the company and provide for my family.”

 Andrew Roberts, Project Manager