Vaughn Industries has three offices. One is located in a small town community of Northwest Ohio, while the other is located in the Columbus area, the third fastest growing major metropolitan area in the Midwest. The third office is located in Wilson, North Carolina about 45 minutes from Raleigh, North Carolina. Our employees take pride in providing the electric power that their communities need, while being a part of a company that encourages growth and the achievement of full-potential.

Carey is located in Northwest Ohio, a rural community with access to larger metropolitan areas. Carey is within a two-hour drive of Columbus, Ohio to the south, and Toledo, OH in the north. This means that Carey is in proximity to a vast array of benefits and pastimes, allowing its inhabitants to achieve a high quality of life. The citizens of Carey can enjoy the relaxing comforts of rural life, while its larger neighbors give them access to several modern hospitals and other health services, as well as a wide variety of retail stores, top notch education systems, entertainment, recreation areas, and restaurants.


Lewis Center is located between Columbus and Delaware, Ohio, putting it directly in the heart of Central Ohio. Central Ohio is a bustling hotbed of activity, providing many entertainment options for its citizens. With more than 100 art galleries and 18 museums, as well as world-class performing arts groups and many university exhibits and performances, Central Ohio is a huge supporter of the arts. For those who wish for other entertainment and recreation options, the area also supports 55 restaurants that are three-star or higher. There are multiple arenas that attract many big name shows every year, as well as countless stores and unique shopping districts. When it comes to sports, Central Ohio can boast of 87 golf courses, two race tracks, major league hockey, major league soccer, AAA baseball, PGA and LPGA. The Ohio State University also offers many opportunities for athletic fans to enjoy.