Mechanical1-780-300x199Vaughn Industries has proudly served the Midwest for the past 46+ years, providing many mechanical and HVAC services throughout the commercial, industrial, institutional, retail, public and residential sectors. Our technicians bring extensive skills and knowledge to the table, offering our customers professional, top-quality work every time. Our welders and brazers are state certified, and our gas-line installers are D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) Certified. The technicians who inspect, repair and test medical piping systems hold certification in NITC Medical Gases – allowing us to offer the proper expertise and safety that such a sensitive project requires.

We are a design-build and design-assist contractor, meaning that we can both design and implement your project. We are experienced in everything from sheet metal fabrication, whether it be plan, specific, or completely custom-made to your needs, to welding and brazing services. We are trained in installing or providing maintenance to many different kinds of piping, everything from hydronic and steam, to refrigeration and medical gas piping.

As one of Ohio’s premier mechanical and HVAC contractors, Vaughn Industries is the perfect choice to meet all of your needs. Each of our customers, from the individual small-business owner to the giant industrial corporation, receives the same attention-to-detail and guaranteed satisfaction. No matter the size and scope of your project, Vaughn Industries is here to help.



  • Sheet Metal Fabrication (both Plan and Specific)
  • Custom Fabrication Services
  • State Certified Welding and Brazing Services
  • D.O.T. Certified Gas Line Installers
  • Hydronic / Refrigeration
  • Building Management System Services
  • Energy Analysis Services
  • Planned Maintenance Service Contracts
  • 24 Hour Support & Emergency Services
  • NITC Medical Gases Certification
  • Hydronic piping
  • Steam piping
  • Refrigeration piping
  • Process piping
  • Medical Gas piping & components
  • Fabrication of structural platforms, walkways, equipment supports
  • Installation of equipment related to the HVAC industry

Specialty Plumbing ServicesMec3a-300x144

  • DOT Certified Gas Piping
  • NITC Medical Gas Brazing & Installation
  • Certified Backflow Device Testing
  • State Certified Welding & Brazing
  • Hydronic & Refrigeration

Coil Line Machinecoil-machine-150x150

Our coil line is the backbone in our duct fabrication shop, whether cutting sheet metal blanks or fabricating duct work.  With our coil line we’re capable of producing thousands of pounds of duct work per hour for any type of application in the HVAC industry.

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