stormrestorationpicNature can strike with little warning, and leave disaster and debris in its wake. Branches fall onto power lines, lightning can strike a utility pole, an ice storm might knock out the power of an entire neighborhood, or a flood can ruin underground lines. Whatever the cause and whatever the damage, Vaughn Industries is prepared to meet any situation.

We are here to protect our customers when they need it most. When storms knock out electricity, our crews are immediately on the move to get power restored, as quickly and with as little hassle as possible. The weather does not matter – we don’t leave the scene until we know that our customer’s needs have been met. Only then is our job complete.

stormworkpic1-300x225Our Emergency Answering Service is available 24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week.

Just call: 1-888-334-9776

Storm Restoration Emergency Services include:

  • All weather and all terrain response
  • Diversified workforce and equipment to handle any situation
  • Low Voltage, High Voltage, Energized or De-Energized abilities
  • Overhead or underground repairs

Vaughn Industries will deliver when you need it most!