Vaughn Industries LLC is a specialty contractor based in Carey, OH providing nationwide construction of energy resources.  Founded in 1963 by Ron Vaughn, Vaughn Industries performs work in the industrial/commercial sectors, including electrical, mechanical (HVAC and Pipefitting), plumbing, and high voltage substation, high voltage transmission and distribution construction. To learn more about our divisions and their operations please see

Today, we are one of the nation’s leading specialty contractors, ranked 111 out of the 600 specialty contractors by McGraw-Hill ENR. Vaughn Industries currently employs over 550 full-time employees.

Vaughn owes it’s extraordinary growth to a total commitment to our company goal of

Safety, Quality, and Customer Satisfaction

With that in mind we hold both our employees and subcontractors to the same high standards.  Becoming a subcontractor makes your company an extension of us.  Because of this there is an expectation that you will have this same goal.

Nothing is more important to us than for all of our employees to return home each day safe and healthy.  Those companies that work for us must have the same pledge to do their work safely.

If you are interested in working for Vaughn Industries and believe that you can join in our goal, then please review the information below in regards to our specific requirements and expectations.

Health & Safety Policy Statement
Project Safety Requirements

Master Subcontract Agreement