Biers Run Substation

Location: Chillicothe, Ohio
Type of Work: Construct a new electrical substation 
Size of Project: A 7 acre substation transforming 345kv down to 138kv and 69kv

AEP South West Lima Station

Location: Cridersville, Ohio
Type of Work: Electrical Substation Expansion
Size of Project: Addition of 138kv bay and 345kv bay

North Proctorville

Location: Proctorville Ohio
Type of Work: Substation Upgrade
Size of Project: 2-3 years of work for roughly 30 crew members broke down into multiple crews on the same site

Bixby Substation

Location: Groveport, Ohio
Type of Work: Expansion on 345Kv and 138Kv stations
Size of Project: 345Kv and 138Kv

AEP Don Marquis Substation

Location: Piketon, Ohio
Type of Work: Blanket contract with AEP to replace 345,000 and 765,000 volt transformers and installation of new equipment associated with them

AEP Malizewski 765kv

Location: Lewis Center, Ohio
Type of Work: High Voltage Substation Maintenance
Size of Project: 
3 day job to replace a vertical strain bus assembly of the dual conductor 4326.9kcmil bus on the Marysville Circuit

AEP Vassell Substation

Location: Sunbury, Ohio
Type of Work: New Build Substation 
Size of Project: 30 acre 765kv substation and a 30 acre 345kv/138kv substation

IS 37

Location: Morven, NC
Type of Work: Substation for 110mw Solar Project
Size of Project: 5,000,000.00