Apperson Way 69kV Station

New build 69kv Substation. Vaughn was responsible for all of the above grade work including Setting steel, Equipment, Bus work, all Control cable pulling and terminating and above grade grounding.

Biers Run Substation

Location: Chillicothe, Ohio
Type of Work: Construct a new electrical substation 
Size of Project: A 7 acre substation transforming 345kv down to 138kv and 69kv

North Proctorville

Location: Proctorville Ohio
Type of Work: Substation Upgrade
Size of Project: 2-3 years of work for roughly 30 crew members broke down into multiple crews on the same site

AEP South West Lima Station

Location: Cridersville, Ohio
Type of Work: Electrical Substation Expansion
Size of Project: Addition of 138kv bay and 345kv bay

AEP Don Marquis Substation

Location: Piketon, Ohio
Type of Work: Blanket contract with AEP to replace 345,000 and 765,000 volt transformers and installation of new equipment associated with them

AEP Malizewski 765kv

Location: Lewis Center, Ohio
Type of Work: High Voltage Substation Maintenance
Size of Project: 
3 day job to replace a vertical strain bus assembly of the dual conductor 4326.9kcmil bus on the Marysville Circuit

Bixby Substation

Location: Groveport, Ohio
Type of Work: Expansion on 345Kv and 138Kv stations
Size of Project: 345Kv and 138Kv

AEP Vassell Substation

Location: Sunbury, Ohio
Type of Work: New Build Substation 
Size of Project: 30 acre 765kv substation and a 30 acre 345kv/138kv substation

IS 37

Location: Morven, NC
Type of Work: Substation for 110mw Solar Project
Size of Project: 5,000,000.00