Transmission & Distribution
We've worked with energized primary electrical cables up to 34,500 volts. We have the experience to meet your line construction needs.
We've earned our reputation as one of the Midwest's top substation contractors by installing and maintaining them for many years.
We install new electrical systems, provide regular maintenance on existings systems, and also offer 24 hour emergency services!
As one of Ohio's premier mechanical and HVAC contractors, we have the experience to both design and implement your project.
Renewable Energy
Building Tomorrow's Energy Resources

Our Growth is a result of total commitment to Safety, Quality & Customer Satisfaction.

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Transmission and Distribution

814473-R1-10-15_011 As a power transmission and distribution specialist, we serve the needs of electrical utilities and businesses. We specialize in high voltage work, providing installation and maintenance of overhead power lines on both wooden and steel poles. Learn More

Substation & Underground

Substation in Progress A veteran contractor in the underground and substation industries. Our technicians install and maintain substations, airport lighting, as well as convert overhead electrical systems to underground. Learn More

Electrical Systems

Electrical Widget Pic We are a full-service electrical contractor, specializing in telecommunications installations, such as fiber optics and wireless networks, as well as electrical wiring, and commercial lighting systems. Learn More

Mechanical Systems

Electrical Widget Pic We provide many mechanical and HVAC services, ranging from heating and cooling, to piping and ductwork, to fabrication and installation. We also offer design-build and design-assist services to help implement any project your company might have. Learn More

Renewable Energy

Campbell's-Soup-FINAL-EMAIL (3) We are proud to be a renewable energy contractor with vast experience in solar power, wind power, gasification, and other alternative energy projects. We can help to upgrade your company to more energy-efficient systems. Learn More

Community Involvement

We are pleased to be involved with many community activities. We are active in organizations, training, and sponsorship. We are happy to give back to the people who have helped us come so far. Learn More